Underground Jerusalem Tour

Underground Jerusalem Tour: A Journey to the Heart of Faith

If you intend to visit Jerusalem, know this: there’s not one Jerusalem, there are two. The first is modern day Jerusalem: the people, the markets, the nightlife… all the things visitors see while enjoying a tour in Jerusalem.

Then, there’s the other Jerusalem. Underground Jerusalem. The one that holds the answers to our past, our beliefs, ourselves.Are you ready to discover all these things? Are you ready for a tour of underground Jerusalem?

City of David: Throne of the Greatest of Kings

A short walking distance from Jerusalem’s Old City lays City of David: the first stop of our Underground Jerusalem tour. It’s may be hard to conceive, but this small, peaceful hill was home to the great kings of the Bible, notably King David and his son and successor King Solomon. Human settlement in the City of David began at least 4 millennia ago, probably earlier. According to tradition, King David bought the area, which was the heart of ancient Jerusalem. He built his palace there, fortified the area, and reigned the Israelite kingdom from there.

A tour in the City of David is a visit in one of the most important archaeological sites ever discovered. These are the very same streets the bible heroes walked in. Each house or monument sheds more light on humanity’s greatest secrets, notably the ruins of the palace that some believe is the very one built by King David. Another remarkable monument is the city’s water factory – a 4,000 year old reminder of humanity’s greatness, which served as the source of life for the inhabitants of ancient Jerusalem.

Tour in the Herodian Street: City Center in the Days of Christ

The tour in Jerusalem’s old water factory leads to another remarkable finding: the Herodian Street, Jerusalem’s heart in the days of Christ. First discovered in the 19th century by pioneer archaeologist Sir Charles Warren, this street has been excavated relentlessly in the passing century, especially since the 1990’s. The hard work paid off: modern-day visitors who tour ancient Jerusalem can walk in this street, admire the architecture, peak into the ancient shops… and actually feel how life in Jerusalem was 2,000 years ago.

Underneath the Holiest Place: Tour in the Western Wall Tunnels

The Western Wall is the only historic remnant of the ancient Jewish Temple. It is the holiest place for the Jewish religion.

The Western Wall Tunnels is a complex of ancient underground walls that follow the trail of the Western Wall, built throughout the centuries. The entrance to this mysterious complex is right next to the Western Wall. Walking down the tunnel takes the visitor down Jerusalem’s history. There are parts built by the Romans, other parts were built by the Mamelukes, and all other rulers of Jerusalem. Some areas in this complex are considered as part of the Western Wall. They were built with gigantic stones 4-14 meters wide which weigh tons, and are considered equally sacred to the visible parts of The Wall. Occasionally, Jewish worshipers will pray there. After all, this place is the literally the foundation of their faith.

Jerusalem Faces: Tour Underground Jerusalem

Our tour of Underground Jerusalem is a chance to experience mythical, biblical Jerusalem. Visitors walk in the footsteps of the great figures of the Bible, as one can only experience in Jerusalem. For details click here.

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