Through the Veins of History

Through the Veins of History: Tour of Jerusalem’s Old City

“You’re shaking… so am I. It’s because of Jerusalem, isn’t it? One doesn’t go to Jerusalem, one returns to it. That’s one of its mysteries…”

-Elie Wiesel (Nobel Peace Prize Winner)

Jerusalem’s Old City of isn’t only the heart of Jerusalem. In many senses, Jerusalem’s Old City is the heart of… everything! This is where the Jewish Temple once stood. This is where Jesus worked. This is where one of the holiest places for Islam stands. All major forces in history fought to control this area – from the Babylonians, through the Greeks and Romans, to the Crusaders and British.

Jerusalem’s Old City has been inhabited for more than 5 millennia. It is the holiest place for the western world’s three major religions. Today it is home to some 40,000 people and attracts millions of visitors every year. What will you find in Jerusalem’s Old City, once you will visit there? What will it be for you?

Jerusalem Old City Tour: Stairway to Heaven

“If I forget you, Jerusalem, may my right hand forget its skill…”

-Psalm 137:5

5,000 thousand years of holiness do their thing: one cannot ignore the strong spiritual atmosphere that hovers over Jerusalem’s Old City.

A tour of Jerusalem’s Old City is a walk through the history of faith. The narrow alleys lead the visitor to the holiest monument ever created: The Church of the Holy Sepulchre, where according to tradition Christ was crucified and buried. Al-Aqsa Mosque, one of the holiest places for the Islam. And of course The Wailing Wall, which is the western wall of the historical Temple Mount – the most sacred place for the Jewish people.

Ancient churches, mosques, and synagogues are all around, coming out of walls built by crusaders, which were built upon streets paved by the Romans. History, faith, religion.

Some of humanity’s greatest achievements are waiting for you here, in Jerusalem’s Old City.

The Market, The People, The Sweet Coffee: Secrets of Jerusalem’s Old City

“I returned to Jerusalem, where the hummus is great, that’s for sure. Give me peace, give me quiet, I could use a yawn…”

-HaDag Nahash (Israeli Hip-Hop Group)

The Old City is one of Israel’s most dynamic, flourishing locations. The entire place is one big market with thousands of shops which sell literally everything: fresh fruits and vegetables, clothes, furniture, art, memorabilia, even archaeological artifacts. One more thing: make sure you come hungry to your tour in Jerusalem’s Old City. Delicious food is everywhere around – pastries, hummus, Baklawa and Knafe (Arab sweets), and of course sweet black coffee.

As much as shopping and enjoying local food is fun, the most interesting things in Jerusalem’s Old City are the people! While touring the old city a visitor will hear many languages – Hebrew, Arabic, Greek, and more. Talk to the locals. These friendly, cheerful people have an interesting view on life. They are always happy to engage in conversation over a cup of sweet black coffee.

Jerusalem Faces: Old City Tour

Our tour of Jerusalem Old City takes visitors through its history and stories. The tour covers all the major monuments and also takes visitors to the places only a local tour guide knows. For details click here.


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