Mahane Yehuda Market Tour


Mahane Yehuda: the beating heart of Jerusalem, the undisputed king of all markets. It has long now been much more than just a market – it is at once the most traditional and the most modern and innovative of places in Jerusalem. A magnet to people of all kinds. A center for remarkable gastronomy and street-art everywhere. And also, of course, the ideal place to see and meet Jerusalemites.
The rise of the market from a neglected backyard of the city to its current status as one of the hottest and hippest places in Israel is a story of great ingenuity, of people thinking outside the box and succeeding against all odds.
This tour will take you through the stories, the flavors , the fruits vegetables and spices, traditional restaurants and trendy bars and coffee shops, and the unique rhythm that is at the heart of Jerusalem’s melting pot.

*Tastings from the outstanding gastronomy of the market
*Get to Know about the many traditions in Jerusalem
*Hear about the special history of Mahane Yehuda market
* Feel the vibrant vibe of Jerusalem’s melting pot

Tour duration – 2-3 hours
Meeting point- Agripas 88 st. near the mural

Tastings :

  1. Hachapuri- In this small Georgian oven we will taste special Georgian pastry.
  2. Humus- One of the most popular dishes in local gastronomy, cheek pees cream with hut cheek pees on top.
  3. Falafel in pitta- cheek pees balls in pita bred and salads
  4. Uzieli juice- In this unique stall we will taste juices with unusual flavors
  5. Knafe- An Arab sweet made of Kataif and chees
  6. Halva- A sweet made of sesame seeds sugar and different flavors
  7. Spices and dry fruits