Mahane Yehuda

Mahane Yehuda, the beating heart of Jerusalem, the undisputed king of all markets. It has long now been much more than just a market – it is at once the most traditional and the most modern and innovative of places in Jerusalem. A magnet to people of all kinds. A center for remarkable gastronomy and street-art everywhere. And also, of course, the ideal place to see and meet Jerusalemites.

The rise of the market from a neglected backyard of the city to its current status as one of the hottest and hippest places in Israel is a story of great ingenuity, of people thinking outside the box and succeeding against all odds. It is certain to become a subject for research and study in the faculties of the social sciences.

This tour will take you through the stories, the flavors and the unique rhythm that is at the heart of Jerusalem’s melting pot.