Jerusalem The triangle

There used to be a time when you’d say to your friends let’s go downtown. Actually, we were climbing up hill, but it didn’t matter: everyone knew what it meant. We used to call that area “the triangle”, because of the three streets that formed the heart of the city center: Jaffa – King Gorge – Ben Yehuda. The rural settlement born in the nineteenth century had soon become the heart of the biggest city in Israel.

Over the years since those glorious days of the mythological triangle, many busses had burned their motors making their way up to Jerusalem. Yet during this time, the area has become merely “on the way”: on the way to the old city, on the way to the market, on the way to city hall…
But in the past few years something has started to shift. Jaffa Street has been closed to traffic, the buildings have been cleaned and new places have opened next to the traditional ones. Today more than ever the beauty that was always hidden underneath is finally revealed.

Mamilla pool. The Russian compound. The quarter of the seven. Burekas Musa. The prophets. City hall. TmolShilshom Coffee. Zion Square. The Hatulot Square. Kadosh Coffee. The Music Square. The Blue Hall. The Italian Synagogue. The Ethiopian Church. Babet Cafe. Jaffa. TalitaKumi. Humus Ben Sira. Rabbi Kuk. Zabotinsky. Taami. Solomon. Rivlin. Ben Yehuda.
These are just some of the names. And what about the stories? And the street art, and gastronomy? You think these are in any shortage?
A new tour that uncovers an old land. It was there all this time under our noses.

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