Welcome to Jerusalem

“Our feet are standing within your gates, Jerusalem”, King David wrote three thousand years ago. Since then, generations of people identified with this feeling. Kings, sultans and religious leaders – they had all wanted it for themselves, and if lucky, had grabbed but a tiny piece of the city’s incredible historical timeline. Jerusalem is also the simple people. Each of them ,kings and simplests, left a story. If it is true that the stories we tell make the place, then Jerusalem is the sum of all the stories that were told and still are told.

About Jerusaem Faces

jerusaem-faces has been founded to give you the best. This is not a platform of everything of everything. On the contrary. We want to give you Jerusalem simply as it is for us ,  first and foremost – a home. More than guide , we host.

The tours we offer have been created on the basis of much experience. We offer regular  tours on a weekly basis that gives our gests different faces of jerusalem, as well as privet tours.  In our privet tours , flexibility is the most important thing and you can be certain that we will tailor the experience precisely to your size.

We believe it is better to be great in one field than be just ok in many. Our experience and daily connection with Jerusalem comes together to make for a complete and rounded experience of the city of infinite contradictions.

private tours

All of our tours can be taken as private tours: Explore jerusalem with your party, accompanied by one of our tour guides. Visitors can enjoy one of our tour concepts, or ask the guide to take them to their personal points of interest.

Jerusalem-faces Success

jerusalm-faces has been founded by Dado Shalom, born and raised in Jerusalem, a certified tour guide in the past seven years, he is breathing living and plowing his city. He feels lucky that he was born in Jerusalem, and especially in this period. Because this city famous of all cities in the world because of its history, has a living and kicking present as it never had.

Our success

Our success is to connect our guests in few hours to the pulse of the world’s only city that exists twice: in heaven and on earth. Jerusalem is a rare combination of historical sites, tales, nostalgia and gastronomy. Deep in a way that only Jerusalem can be, but also light, fun and pleasant. In our tours we are zigzag between the heavenly Jerusalem and Jerusalem of below – history, culinary, tradition, urban renewal, Religion, Street Art, Museums, markets – many faces Jerusalem has- if you want to feel Jerusalem you most have someone who feels it (rhythm is all!). Whether this is your first time in Jerusalem, or you come every holiday (can not leave without it ..) , whether you have a few days or just a few hours, we’d love to sew you a suit that will fit exactly your dimentions.

We believe

Beyond history there are people. In the past and in the present, Jerusalemites are the most special thing that this city has produced. We like to complain about the prices, about the train, about streets blocked for heads of states. But this city is full of people in love. Of their Jerusalm- the beautiful, unique, the one and only incomparable. Different people of different religions, young and old, people of various professions, night types and day types, everyone have their own Jerusalem. Countless stories it tells, no matter where you come from you will find here a piece of yourself.