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we believe it is better to be great in one field than be just ok in many. Our experience and daily connection with Jerusalem comes together to make for a complete and rounded experience of the city of infinite contradictions.

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Jerusalem Faces has been founded to give you the best. This is not a platform of everything of everything. On the contrary. We want to give you Jerusalem simply as it is for us , first and foremost – a home. More than guide you, what we want is to host you.


Our success is to connect our guests in few hours to the pulse of the world's only city that exists twice: in heaven and on earth. Every tour we zigzagging between the heavenly Jerusalem and Jerusalem of below - history, culinary, tradition, urban renewal, Religion, Street Art, Museums, markets - many faces Jerusalem has- if you want to feel Jerusalem you most have someone who feels is (rhythm is all!).

Everybody dreams Jerusalem. Everybody wants Jerusalem. So many stories it has to tell No matter where you are from, you will find here a piece of yourself


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