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Who am I

Dado Shalom, born and raised in Jerusalem, I breathe live and plow my city. I feel lucky that I was born in Jerusalem, and especially in this period. Because this city famous of all cities in the world because of its history, has a living and kicking present as it never had. It's a real wonder to me.
After digging in the City of David (the place where it all began), in the last five years I am a certified tour guide. I transformed my love into a profession. My expertise is day tours (up to 8 hours) or half day tours (up to 4 hours) throughout the city. The Holy kilometer, Mahane Yehuda market, Jerusalem Triangle, and more ..

I give Jerusalem simply as it is for me—first and foremost-  home. More than guide, I host.



My Success
My success is
to connect my guests in few hours to the pulse of the world's only city that exists twice: in heaven and on earth. Every tour I zigzag between the two Jerusalem - history, gastronomy, archeology, tradition, urban renewal, Religion, Street Art, Museums, markets - many faces Jerusalem has- if you want to feel Jerusalem you must have someone who feels it! (rhythm is all!).
Whether this is your first time in Jerusalem, or you come every holiday (can not leave without it ..), whether you have a few days or just a few hours, I'd love to sew you a suit that will fit exactly your dimentions


I believe
Beyond history
there are people. In the past and in the present, Jerusalemites are the most special thing that this city has produced. We like to complain about the prices, about the train, about streets blocked for heads of states. But this city is full of people in love. Of their Jerusalm- the beautiful, unique, the one and only incomparable. Over the years I have met many Jerusalemites- different people of different religions, young and old, people of various professions, night types and day types, everyone has his own Jerusalem.
Countless stories it tells, no matter where you come from you will find here a piece of yourself