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The holy kilometer

The history of Jerusalem is the history of the world. No other city is holy to three religions. No other city has a dual existence: once on heaven and once on earth. 

Kings, sultans and religious leaders – they had all wanted it for themselves, and if lucky, had grabbed but a tiny piece of the city’s incredible historical timeline. What did they seek here on the edge of the desert, far from the major trade routes, and with no visible economical advantage?


A panoramic view with black coffee to accompany. Prepare for a dizzying journey through time...








Tours option -

half day (4 hours) - A tour that gives a taste and will live you with a taste of more..

Who is it for?

* everyone who likes a dinamic expirience and good rhythm 

* people ho dosen't have so much time and whant a concise expirience of the city


full day (8 hours) -

*A tour that gives the option to see more sites or to deepen in a spesific topic.

* You can combine the old city with other tours like The shuk


Who is it for?


lucky people who have more time :)